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Bee venom Bee Venom(Raw Medicine)

Bee Venom - bee venom powder,honeybee venom and Raw bee venom,
natural bee venom

    Bee Venom may improve joint suppleness, joint mobility and help support the bodies own antiarthritic and antimelanoma immune potentials. 

Purity >98%
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                                            Bee Venom: Raw material for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or medicinal manufacturers. Our bee Venom is collected from a pollution free farm in the Yimin Apiary.
                                           Raw Bee Venom
                Bee Venom is a complex mixture of proteins (enzymes and peptides) with unique pharmacological activities. The main enzymes in Bee Venom are hyaluronidase and phopholiphase A. Peptides are proteins that possess specific biological activities
             There are three major peptides found in Bee Venom: 
             melittin, apamin, and peptide 401. 
             Melitten and apamin stimulate the body's adrenal and pituitary systems to produce cortisol and natural steroids. Natually produced steroids do not produce the medical complications of synthetic steroids. Peptide 401 is a powerful anti immflamatory agent, found to be up to one hundred times more effective than cortisone when administered at equivalent dosages.
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