Honey Refractometer,Digital Refractometer

 honey refractometerHand Held Honey Refractometer and Digital refractometer

                                                                                        Bee Keeping Tool

                   The models are developed for the measuring of the three digital refractomecommon indexed of honey. The three common indexes are sugar content, baume and water content. The RHB-90ATC has a built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation System.

Model RHB-90ATC
Scale Range:     Brix: 58-90%
Baume: 38Be' - 43Be'
Water: 12%-27%
Minimum Division:     0.2%Brix
Compensation:     Built-in automatic temperature compensation system
Temperature Compensation Range:     10oC -30oC
Size and weight:     14.7cm * 2.9cm, 0.24Kg

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