bee Wax Foundation
Wax Foundation Honeycomb 100% Natural
Natural beeswax bees Foundation sheets. Bee accepts it very happily
Bee Wax Foundation Honeycomb from natural beeswax
wax foundation      Yimin bees Foundation(wax Foundation) from natural beeswax! The bee does a very nice honeycomb to store the honey etc. on this foundation!We use the very advanced method and formulations, the certain bee accepts it very happily, and start make honeycomb.
The bees' lives in the hive and their honey production are fascinating. Without going into too much detail, let us discover the basic features of the "social life" of bees.    Bees must carry out numerous "tasks" and they manage all of them with excellent organization.
        Regulation of humidity and ventilation: The plastic bee  foundationhumidity of the hive, which gives honey its highly protective quality, must be kept within certain limits. If humidity is over or under those limits, then the honey is spoiled and loses its protective and nutritious qualities. Similarly, the temperature in the hive has to be 32?C throughout 10 months of the year. In order to keep the temperature and humidity of the hive within certain limits, a special group takes charge of "ventilation".
        On a hot day, bees can easily be observed ventilating the hive. The entrance of the hive fills with bees and clamping themselves to the wooden structure, they fan the hive with their wings. In a standard hive, air entering from one side is forced to leave from the other side. Extra ventilator bees work within the hive to push the air to all corners of the hive.
This ventilation system is also useful in protecting the hive from smoke and air pollution.
Wax foundation
Plastic foundation
    Health system:
The efforts of the bees to preserve the quality of honey are not limited to the regulation of humidity and heat. A perfect healthcare system exists within the hive to keep all events that may result in the production of bacteria under control. The main purpose of this system is to remove all substances likely to cause bacteria production. The basic principle of this health system is to prevent foreign substances from entering the hive. To secure this, two guardians are always kept at the entrance of the hive. If a foreign substance or insect enters the hive despite this precaution, all bees act to remove it from the hive.
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